Clear Signs Your Partner Is Faking Love

Knowing how to distinguish pure love from false love will give you wisdom on building a long-lasting relationship and avoiding toxic ones.

When anyone falls in love, it is their utmost desire that the feeling would be mutual and strong and that the relationship would make both parties better in the long run. However, not all relationships play out this way.

Understanding your partner’s true intentions when you are blinded by the overwhelming feelings of love requires you to evaluate the situation rationally and dispassionately. All the dreamy dates and steamy nights may perhaps feel surreal until the day you realize that you have been tricked into a fake relationship.

Signs his love is not real can be spotted in his habits and the way he behaves around you. A real relationship might not be picture-perfect and may require a lot of time and effort on both sides.

To know if a man doesn’t love you, check out these signs:

He doesn’t like discussing the future

If you are looking out for signs his love is not real, you will observe that he is reluctant to discuss the future with you. Anytime you bring up issues related to the future, he will find a way to stray or postpone the discussion.

However, he will always tell you there is still time to plan for the future.

You don’t know where you stand in his life

One of the ways to know fake love is when you are not sure of your place in his life. You will begin to feel that the two of you might not be together in the long term because the present signs do not suggest that.

Additionally, he doesn’t make any effort to make the relationship worth looking forward to as you progress.

He prefers a secret relationship

When his love is not real, he will always remind you of his preference for a secret relationship. He doesn’t want anyone to know he is in a relationship or in love because he is not proud of it.

Therefore, he will often request that you don’t post anything related to your love life on your social media to prevent people from finding out.

He becomes affectionate when he needs something

It might be painful to realize that your man only pretends to love you when he wants to get something from you. However, when he keeps doing this, it is one of the signs his love is not real.

After getting what he needs, he becomes physically or emotionally distant till the next time he wants something from you.

He doesn’t want you to meet his loved ones

Most times, one of the signs his love is real is when he wants you to meet his family and friends. However, if he keeps making excuses for you not to meet them, it might be that he doesn’t love you.

Additionally, he might keep mentioning that he wants his relationship to be private, so he doesn’t want anyone to know.

He cheats

When a man cheats on his partner, his love might not be real. He may give different excuses for his inactions, but if he keeps doing it without his partner’s knowledge, then his love is a façade.

On the other hand, a man who cares and loves his partner would not do anything to hurt them.

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