Club Licensing Department to conduct strict venue inspections ahead of new season

The Club Licensing Department of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has emphasised that pitch standards will not be compromised as venue inspections for the upcoming 2023/24 football season begin next month.

Clubs participating in the Ghana Premier League (GPL), Division One League (DOL), and Women’s Premier League will undergo inspections to ensure they meet the minimal standards and recommendations for each compliance criterion required to obtain a license.

In the past, many teams have struggled to achieve acceptable licensing standards for their playing grounds, leading to criticism of the GFA for approving venues with poor-quality pitches.

The inspection of submitted venues by clubs is scheduled for August 14. Julius Ben Emunah, a member of the Club Licensing Department, explained the key factors that the inspection team will focus on during the process.

“Pitch quality is zero tolerance for us; it has to be quality. Artificial or natural, it must be quality. Inner perimeter fencing and tunnel connecting to a befitting dressing room that can accommodate more than 30 people with the necessary furnishings,” he stated on Tv3.

Emunah also highlighted the importance of washrooms and a dedicated place for referees at the venues. If the clubs fail to meet these standards, they will not be granted a license and must adopt an approved venue.

While acknowledging the significance of home support for clubs, Emunah expressed the desire for every team to play at their own home grounds. He noted that playing at their home stadium creates the desired ambience and enhances the game’s beauty.

The 2023/24 football season is scheduled to kick off with the Ghana Premier League in mid-September, and the GFA aims to ensure that all venues meet the necessary standards for a successful and competitive season.

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