‘Continue to find strength’ – Hushpuppi’s best friend, Pac, writes to him ahead of his verdict

The best friend of Hushpuppi, Pac has penned down an open letter to him as the day of his verdict approaches.

Hushpuppi has been in the prison in the United States since 2020 after he was arrested in his mansion in the Arab Emirates. He was then extradited to the US prisons for defrauding institutions and individuals.

Pac has taken to his page to pen down a letter for his friend as he shares a video of their good moment before his arrest

He prayed for his friend to find strength and also prayed for the freedom of Hushpuppi. Pac also reiterated his faithfulness to Hushpuppi and expressed hope for their reunion.

He wrote on his page…

“Dear Rahman,

I write you from a place of hope and pain, the hope that as your verdict draws close and a pronouncement kick starts, our reunion is made possible, and the pain that comes with every day knowing that you are in there. Rahman, it’s your third birthday behind guard bars, I pray that you continue to find strength, and I pray for peace From within, that powers you into greatness. Happy Birthday, Blood.

Forever Faithful.”

Nigerian billionaire based in Dubai Hushpuppi-born Raymond Igbalode was arrested in 2020 by the Federal Bureau of Intelligence and the International Police based on the account of money laundering after some cases of fraud were linked to them.

He was picked up together with his friend called Woodberry in Dubai.

According to sources, Interpol arrested Hushpuppi for Covid-19 ventilator $35million fraud which was purported to be given to Native Americans during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

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