Contractor building Koforidua multipurpose stadium takes Sports Ministry to court over debt

The contractor building the Koforidua multipurpose stadium has dragged the Sports Ministry to court over debt.

According to the contractor the Ministry promised to pay them after phase one was completed but it’s been one year after a proposed three months was agreed on.

Mr. Awuku CEO of Dako Limited also stated that the construction work for phase two has been given to another company.

The multipurpose stadia across the country are at various stages of completion but work has stopped for years.

Footballghana.com recently published an article on when these facilities will be completed and opened for use by clubs and sports-loving Ghanaians.

“Yes it is true they were served somewhere on 19th December. It concerns our IPC that we sent and the payment has been made and those we owe are also chasing us. We are two it is joint one is in Northern Region Ahmed Construction he is also building one in the Northern Region the same stadium,” he told Peace FM as monitored by Footballghana.com

“Dako Limited I am building the one in Eastern Region, Koforidua. I think it is more than a year we have made a lot of follow ups sometime ago the CEO there met with us and said we should give them three months to sort us out. But that has elapsed and one year has pass we haven’t heard anything from them,”

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