Coronavirus: Declare a nationwide lockdown – Gifty Anti to gov’t

A Ghanaian media personality, Gifty Anti, is calling for a nationwide lockdown due to the increasing rate of coronavirus infections and deaths.

In a Facebook post, the host of ‘Stand Point’ urged the government to tighten the lockdown rules as a lot of Ghanaians have taken the pandemic for granted.

Gifty who underwent a mandatory quarantine for 14 days when she returned from the United Kingdom said Ghanaians were being careless with compliance to the preventive measures put in place by the World Health Organization, an attitude that has caused a lot of countries across the world.

Akufo-Addo extends ban on public gathering by two more weeks

“My people, when I got to the UK on 10th March 2020, there were 16 deaths.”

“As at the time I was leaving on 22nd March 2020, the total number of deaths was close to 2,000.”

“Today, total deaths, due to coronavirus, in UK, is about 10,000.” she wrote.

According to her, Ghana’s case shot from 2 to 566 in one- month is enough development for the government to declare a nationwide lockdown.

“I think you are over pampering us, Mr. President. We will be the same people to blame and accuse you if this virus claims more lives.”

“Please, something has to change and immediately too.” She added.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has also called for a nationwide lockdown.

Ghana Medical Association proposes nationwide lockdown

According to them, 10 out of Ghana’s 16 regions have recorded confirmed cases of coronavirus.



  1. Anthony Yeboah says

    That’s good point 👍 Government must do it as a national lockdown

  2. Lee Gyamfi says

    Nationwide lock down?
    I feel the whole world is under lock down already

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