Coronavirus: Passengers abandon ‘trotro’ after 2 Chinese boarded

There was chaos in a Sprinter Buz as passengers ran for their lives when two foreigners, believed to be Chinese nationals, entered the vehicle.

The occupants rushed out for fear of contracting the deadly coronavirus, which was first recorded in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

The Chinese hopped into the 35-seater bus and sat in the first row. After noticing their presence, the passengers immediately rushed out and refused to continue with the journey.

The yellow-and-green bus was left stationary, with only the Chinese sitting inside for several minutes, as the bus driver and his conductor also stayed clear of the vehicle.
Some passengers left their luggage in the process of escaping. The stranded commuters moved about five metres away from the vehicle after alighting.

The scene was captured in a video that has since gone viral, as the Chinese were left bemused and remained seated.

The location of the incident is not known. However, a voice commentary in the Twi language, captured in the video, suggests it occurred in Ghana.

Over 193 countries across the globe are battling to control the coronavirus pandemic.
Chinese in foreign lands have been subjected to discrimination, and sometimes assault over fears of being carriers of the virus.

The virus has killed one person in Ghana, with 24 cases recorded in total.

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