Davido’s one sexcapade too many

Nigerian superstar singer, David Adeleke famously known as Davido may have played his way into a deep hole this time around, getting sexually involved with an OnlyFans seductress and escort named Anita Brown a.k.a NinatheElite.

Contrary to various reports that the woman who claimed Davido impregnated her, Anita Brown is an American businesswoman, she’s actually a hostess with an OnlyFans account that has an array of sexually explicit content. Of course, her Instagram page says she’s a serial entrepreneur but her posts should be enough caveat that this woman has pretty much too much of sex about her.

Already, many pornography-theme platforms and channels are brandishing sex-tape of Davido and Anita Brown, purportedly released by the American to put weight to her claims.

As one Twitter user put it, “Davido lose guard for a lady with OnlyFans account. She will use his name to build numbers and customers.”

Another one echoed the situation, tweeting, “ Anita released her sex tape with Davido. Who go call Anita to order bayi. Wahala! OBO fans vex peel Anita yansh, Anita vex drop knack video with Davido”.

Davido has been having his sex drive relatively on cruise control but getting involved with a woman who sees sex as both pleasure and business is a bit reckless but then, few entertainers know much about recklessness.

A Yoruba adage says when a big problem knocks you down, little ones come around to have a go at you. In the heat of the Anita-Davido sex UFC, a hotel manager in Portharcourt tweeted about his experience with Davido and his love for Kpekus. He said Davido had been lodged in his hotel by organisers of an event billed to take place in the city. He said he was commissioned to get the singer a girl for the night and being a person who hated fornication had arranged an ugly girl, hoping the singer would decline but he said Davido wouldn’t know the difference.

Davido has been linked to many women over the years, and he has fathered four children with three different women. In addition to these three women, there have been other women who have claimed to have had children with Davido. However, these claims have not been verified.

As of 2023, Davido has four children with three different women. He is a loving father to all of his children, and he is always there for them.

It is unclear how many women Davido has gotten pregnant. There are four women who have publicly claimed to have had children with him, but there may be others who have not come forward.

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