Dec referendum: ‘I will vote NO’ – Ras Mubarak does U-turn after party threatens discipline

Some 12 hours after publicly stating he would vote ‘YES’ in the December 17 referendum, National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP Ras Mubarak says he now supports ‘NO’.

It following looming sanctions from his party after he was summoned to defend his position which departed from party line.

The December 17 referendum seeks public support to amend Article 55(3) of the 1992 Constitution to allow partisanship in local government election.

Ras Mubarak spoke on Accra-based Okay FM where he said;

My position for a ‘Yes’ vote is hinged on the fact there is political party involvement in the elections anyway. In every part of the district there is hardly any assemblyman or woman who is not tacitly on one political party or the other, go the assemblies and check.

‘We shouldn’t play ostrich in the election of assemblymen and women is concerned’ he spoke in Twi.

A former government appointee in the NDC administration Baba Jamal speaking on the same show, demanded punishment for the MP for breaking ranks with the party’s decision to vote NO in the December 17 referendum.

NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia expressed surprise at the NDC MP’s stance.

“…if he is oblivious to the provisions of our party constitution, we will update him on what the provision means and the implications of what he is doing” Nketia said ahead of the National Functional Executive Committee meeting with the NDC MP.

Ras Mubarak has since issued a statement, explaining a change of stance.

For Immediate Release

Upon a sober reflection and advice from very distinguished senior party members, especially the Parliamentary leadership, I have come to the conclusion that It is improper to deviate from my party’s official position for a NO vote in the upcoming referendum on article 55(3) of constitution.

I recognize that the my personal position must be subsumed under the broader interest of the party.

I have therefore decided to uphold the party’s position for a NO vote on the matter.

Ras Mubarak.
Parliament House, Accra.
November 19, 2019

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