Divine Healer’s Church General Overseer sued over ‘refusal to retire’

Six pastors of the Divine Healer’s Church have dragged the General Overseer and four other principal officers of the church to the Accra High Court over their alleged refusal to retire.

The General Overseer, Apostle Isaac Kwabena Adade, Deputy General Overseer, Apostle Maxwell Aryeetey Foster, General Secretary, Apostle Kenneth Ashaley Addo, Chairman of the National Youth Ministry, Apostle Emmanuel Acquaye, and National Women’s Fellowship Leader, Apostle Dora Edith Osekre are the five principal officers who have been dragged to court.

The plaintiffs accused the five principal officers of refusing to retire in spite of reaching the required retirement age of 65 as stipulated by the church constitution.

It is also the case of the plaintiffs that the five principal officers of the church are ineligible to stay in office after serving two five-year terms which is the limit accepted by the constitution of the church.

“In spite of having attained the age limit of 65 years in 2011, and has remained in office unconstitutionally for a second term as General Overseer and member of the National Executive Council which ended in 2016, 2nd defendant continued to stay in office unconstitutionally and indefinitely, without a proper procedure for his replacement”.

According to the plaintiffs, the General Overseer of the Church claims that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he and his team should remain in office, hence the refusal of the five principal officers to retire.

The six plaintiffs are led by the Chairman of the Pastoral Council of the Church and the Tema A2 Regional Head of the Church, Apostle Daniel Mensah Attakpah.

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