DJ Cuppy shares new look with black hair, fans love it

Cuppy has always had pink hair as her signature colour.

The billionaire heiress uploaded a photo of herself with black hair.

With her new hair color, Cuppy, whose affinity for the color pink is well known, has aroused responses. The DJ acknowledged that the colors look weird on her, agreeing with many of her followers. “Yep. It’s me. Black hair. I know it’s weird,” she wrote.

Just like us, many of her fans appear to love the new look, as they wrote that it suits her very well.

A user wrote, “You actually look better on black hair and weird on pink Florence.”

Obviously in love with the new look, Jayreel wrote, “I love this black hair.”

Another one commended the hair and advised that she stick to the color, “Please keep doing this black, it’s so pretty,” she wrote.

One itz austinjay wrote, “Florence abeg dey keep this look from now on. You look too good.”

Cuppy enjoys playing with her hair in various ways. The DJ made a daring move with her appearance to start the New Year in 2022. The billionaire’s daughter posted a video of herself cutting her hair on Instagram and informed her followers that 2022 is the year for a new beginning.



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