Don’t be swayed by industry pressure to live by unrealistic standards – Ohemaa Woyeje to colleagues

Renowned Ghanaian radio presenter and Disc Jockey (DJ) Ohemaa Woyeje is urging emerging talents and colleagues within the media fraternity to stay focused on their objectives and resist succumbing to industry pressures.

She held that practitioners within the space are expected to live by certain unrealistic standards, appearance, or own certain material possessions propagated by some individuals within the media sphere which she describes as uncalled for.

According to the host of Y’adwuma Nie on Angel FM, succumbing to peer pressure within the industry and adherence to these unrealistic expectations could hinder professional longevity.

In a chat with Daily Graphic, Ohemaa Woyeje, real name Harey Adjoa Yeboah Asiamah Kusi, emphasised the importance of authenticity in a field rife with unrealistic standards perpetuated by certain media personalities and societal expectations.

“My little piece of advice to up-and-coming journalists, presenters and even my established colleagues is that you can be the best when you are yourself. Anything you are trying to become is your master.

“ If you can’t be anything, just be yourself. Don’t allow all these unrealistic standards set by certain people to sway you from your goals, or else you will not last long in the industry. Thrive on originality and carve your path rather than conforming to inconsistent norms.

“If you pay heed to all of these pressures by some of our colleagues to dress in a certain way, drive certain types of cars, live by certain standards, you won’t make any impact in this industry,” the mother of two asserted.

Ohemaa Woyeje says she is on a mission to carve a unique legacy in the entertainment and media industry.

Transitioning from her roots as MC to honing her skills as a versatile voice-over artist, the radio presenter believes she has worked hard enough to solidify her presence as a renowned presenter and DJ, and that is the legacy she wants to leave behind.

Ohemaa Woyeje wants to be remembered as a trailblazer rather than a mere imitator. “One thing I want my name to be associated with is originality.

“I want to be remembered for being original. I came as me and I have maintained who I am. I never changed to suit anyone. I perform my best self. Natural and uniquely versatile. Jack of all trades and master of all; the records are there to back it.

“I started my journey as a sales and voice-over artiste in both Twi and English news presentation, entertainment review host, brunch show DJ, as well as a multilingual presenter.

“I went on to host current affairs, head of events, TV presenter, news writing for print and electronic media, and MC for corporate and informal events.

“You see, I want the name Ohemaa Woyeje to be unique so that wherever it is mentioned, even when I am no more, people will know that I owned my space”, she added.


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