Dress to complement Christ—Jayana to Gospel acts

ONE criticism some female Gospel musicians often encounter is their way of dressing which people have described to be revealing.

Most of the artistes bashed for showing too much flesh have come out to say they dress to the glory of God though their critics have disputed that claim.

In a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, Gospel musician Jayana willingly shared her views on the subject matter.

“When it comes to dressing, people have different opinions depending on their preferences and how they were brought up, their foundation and their morals all come to play when it comes to their way of dressing.

“What I think is that, once you wear that tag as a Gospel musician, you shouldn’t dress just anyhow. This is because whatever you do, should be associated with Jesus Christ and the word of God.

“As we all know, as Christians, we should not dress immorally, whatever we do should complement Christ. God’s creation is beautiful so when you dress, it should be beautiful. God’s word wins souls and sets captives free so you have to ask yourself if your character and way of dressing are doing these or otherwise.

“The Bible says that light and darkness cannot be in the same place and we Christians know we are in the light so we as Gospel musicians are the light of the world, we stand for Christ so everything about us from our hair to our toes should portray the message of Christ”, she said.

Touching on Gospel musicians performing on secular stages, Jayana stated, “When I see my fellow Gospel acts performing on secular stages, I cannot judge them because I am not in their mind but going back to the Bible, we know that David danced so hard that even his clothes fell off his body.

“Once we all worship God in the same place and accept all kinds of people who have given their lives to Christ, I don’t see why a Gospel musician cannot perform on a secular stage, after all, we are all one people and children of God”, she added.

Jayana also gave her thoughts on female Gospel artistes who are managed by their husbands, “I feel that husband/wife collaboration is perfect especially when you have a man who understands your calling because the work, we do is a calling.

“If you get a husband who understands and supports you, a husband after God’s own heart who understands the work of God then you are sorted otherwise it will be very difficult.

Is the Gospel music industry a united front? “By God’s grace we are united but like I always say, the Gospel music industry is a very big one and I don’t even know everyone but the ones in my circles are very warm, there are times I meet others and they come up to me to say hello.

“The fact that I don’t know you doesn’t mean I should give you attitude because no one knows tomorrow and one cannot tell when someone will be a blessing to you. So wherever I go and I meet someone, I make sure I make that person comfortable around me and those I have met so far have also been very receptive,’’ she said.

Jayana, real name Jemima Annor-Yeboah is the second daughter of the late Bishop Dr Annor-Yeboah of Christ Apostolic Church.

Jayana runs an NGO, Jayana Help The Needy Foundation.

She also has a big salon and spa and she usually recruits street porters and trains them in hair, nails and make-up.

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