Drone photos: Ashaiman residents defy lockdown

Some residents of Ashaiman, a densely populated urban slum near Tema, seem unperturbed by the government’s directive to their community for people to stay home as part of measures to break the back of the coronavirus spread.

Theghanareport.com drone shots from the area suggest residents breaking the stay home rules. Although the main Ashaiman Lorry Park appears deserted, there were many people on the streets of the community that shares boundaries with Tema, a hot spot of the virus.

In spite of a police presence in the area, the residents appear determined to stay in town instead of their homes.

Below are images captured by a freelance journalist, Edem Srem, for theghanareport.com.

The main Ashaiman road.
Traders in the community’s market are not practising social distancing.
Traffic build-up leading to a police checkpoint.
It’s business as usual for some residents
An aerial view of the Ashaiman township. It defies urban planning.
Residents move around unrestrained
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  1. Anonymous says

    Very appaling piece of journalism from who ever did this work. Investigate well before you write spiteful half truths to deceive people.

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