Dual carriageways coming – Gov’t assures after Dompoase accident

Source The Ghana Report/ Dave Alamisi

Government is to construct dual carriageways on the Central Corridor of the country in the wake of the 35 deaths recently recorded due to a ghastly crash in the Central Region.

The plan aimed at controlling road carnage was announced by the Minister of Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako Atta after he visited the accident scene on Friday.

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service recorded a total of 2,284 fatalities on our roads in 2019.

So far 29 out of the 35 remains from the buses collision at Dompoase near Elmina in the Central Region last Tuesday have been identified by their families.

Describing the accident as “unfortunate and regrettable”, the Minister said: “This road is earmarked for dualization. Accra, Takoradi, even to continue to Tarkwa. We are currently dualizing part of the central corridor. These are all plans that we are working on and they are at various stages of implementation.”

“If you dualize roads fatal accidents will reduce significantly,” he explained.

Even if accidents are recorded it would not be devastating, “because it would not be a head-on collision, it may not be fatal as we have witnessed”.

The central corridor covers roads from Accra to Kumasi which stretches to Tamale and terminates at Paga in the Upper East Region.

The dualization of the roads is however projected to be completed in the “next two to three years”, according to the Minister.

He was worried that “the more we improve the roads the more we get fatal accidents”.

For him, stakeholders must be proactive and everyone must take road safety seriously because “no soul must be lost to accidents”.

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