Dying while visiting: Social media users share experience

One night or a weekend pleasure has changed the lives of many, others ending up in prison.

Cohabitation is barred in Ghanaian culture but the legal system recognizes it.

In 2012, two bills were presented before Parliament; the Property Rites of Spouses Bill and Intestate Succession Bill.

It was aimed at ensuring that men and women who acquire property in the course of their relationship get equal access in the event of the union dissolving.

Because Ghanaian culture condemns cohabitation, a lot of lover’s sneak in and out of their lover’s homes during weekends and holidays.

This ‘illegal’ act has ended in tragedy for many.

On Wednesday morning, scores of social media users took to the Facebook page of relationship experts, Abena Manokekame, to share their experiences on the matter.

A user shared an experience of how a friend narrowly escaped jail.

The prayer of a mother who had gone for a church conference saved her child from dying in her boyfriend’s house.

This user was fined GHC1000 in defiance for a jail term, his offense was administering medication to his girlfriend.



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