Ebo Whyte backs Duncan Williams; says Ghanaians like to show others ‘where power lies’

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Chief Executive Officer of Roverman production, James Ebo Whyte, has backed claims by leader of Action Faith Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, that Ghanaians have a habit of pulling indigenous businesses down due to jealousy.

The Archbishop on September 1 questioned the rationale behind successive governments’ decision to go after Ghanaian companies that are competing with foreign entities, insisting that the manner in which governments attempt to put several hurdles and impediments in the way of indigenous Ghanaian businesses makes him wonder whether or not there is genuine interest to see local businesses flourish.

“The level of insecurity, jealousy, and envy in this country is amazing. Our political system is designed to enhance jealousy and envy. We have become a society of bringing down one another.

I don’t want to be political but if you look at people like Zoomlion and others, Zoomlion is a Ghanaian, but every government that has come will go after Zoomlion because they don’t understand why a Ghanaian should make it that big.

They prefer to cut deal with foreigners and let foreigners take our inheritance and give us crumbs and peanuts rather than to make deals with a Ghanaian,” the Action Chapel preacher said at a Service on Sunday.

In reaction to the minister’s claim, the accomplished playwright, widely known as Uncle Ebo Whyte disclosed that whereas some Ghanaians will pay to watch plays at the likes of Westend Theater or Broadway, they never patronise his plays for reasons that he is a Ghanaian.

“Talking about Ghanaians envying, there are people who have never been to my show because I’m a Ghanaian, that is the truth. They will buy a ticket and fly to Broadway and West end but they will never come to the National Theatre to watch my play” he stated.

Speaking on Joy FM, Ebo Whyte asserted that the Ghanaian system is designed in such a way that politicians would only want to keep their ‘known’ faithful when they are given power to rule, at the expense of a well-established business which has no ties with their ideology.

“He’s got it right on, at all levels. I wouldn’t be able to give any specific examples but anybody who’s been part of the Ghanaian system for a while can always point to so many people, who as soon as political fortunes change, their economic fortunes were also forced to change. Not because we’re not doing well but because we’ll show you where power lies.

That has become one of the…and so unfortunately what I see is that Ghanaians use power against the best interest of Ghana. Because I come into power to help Ghana develop but then I look at, who’s with us, who’s against us.

It doesn’t even have to be who’s against us but then who’s not known to be with us and then let’s kill him. It is very sad and that is why a nation this blessed is this way.

I go back a long way and so I remember Siaw and Tata and right from that but even before Siaw, there were examples of people who were way out there and who were shot down.

In Ghana, everything is about politics, the politician must rule and so we’ll bring you down unless we can control you if we can’t control you we won’t let you fly high. That was a good sermon, Ghana needs to be challenged to take a look at ourselves” he stated.

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