Ebony not cause of Ruff n Smooth split – Akhan speaks

Source FNN24.com

Ahkan, a member of defunct group Ruff n Smooth, has come to clear the waves that suggest late Ebony was the cause of Ruff n Smooth split.

He described as false and malicious all current media reports pointing Ebony of blessed memory as the reason for the collapse of the Ruff & Smooth group music.

In an exclusive phone interview with FNN24.com from his U.S residence, Ahkan said that his former group mate Bullet did not inform the team that he was venturing in full-time artiste management.

Ahkan revealed that his former colleague Bullet sadly abandoned his duties to Ruff & Smooth even after he failed to properly inform the team he was going into full-time artiste management.

He revealed; “… It was her but Bullet failed to inform the team that he was now going into full-time management. He even abandoned his duties to Ruff & Smooth all at once without any prior notice.”

He then added that during the formative days of Bullet and Ebony’s working time, Bullet would call him [Ahkan] to help direct, scrutinize her works before they go out.

He retorted; “… During their early working days, Bullet would always engage me with regards to her works. He would send me her songs and work for my opinion and direction. And when I am in Ghana, he will ask me to go and help her in the studio.”

However, Ahkan has also recalled some painful moments when they had to play some gigs and Bullet was nowhere to be found.

He stressed; “… There were times when we had gigs to play outside Ghana and Bullet was not interested because of his newfound artiste management venture. In fact, we lost many gigs.”

Ahkan is set to release a new song which has titled “Yawa”.

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