Electrician, Radio Presenter remanded into police custody for meters theft

Source The Ghana Report

The Tamale Circuit Court has remanded two persons for stealing meters belonging to the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo).

Abdul Hack Abubakari, an electrician, and Mohammed Abu Firdaus, a radio presenter, are standing trial for stealing meters belonging to NEDCo and dishonestly receiving the stolen item.

They both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Abubakari, the first accused, had pleaded guilty to the charges but later changed his plea to not guilty after the facts of the case were explained to him explicitly.

Explaining the change of plea issue after court proceedings, counsel for the accused Rashid Mohammed said his client Abubakari did not fully understand the charges against him.

He said that after the charges were re-read to him and explained further, he understood the matter and decided to plead not guilty.

“The situation is that he doesn’t understand the nature of the charges that were proffered against him, but after he got a clear understanding, certainly he pleaded not guilty,” he said.

Also, counsel had requested bail for his client, but his Honour Alexander Oworae denied the request and remanded them in police custody.

Mr. Rashid said he was disappointed that his client was not granted bail because he pleaded not guilty, which presumes he is innocent.

“He was entitled to bail since all offences are bailable now in Ghana, but we will move to the appropriate quarters to ensure we get him bail,” he said.

Senior Counsel for NEDCo, Terrence Nina, on the other hand, said in the past, NEDCo was interested in people being punished by fines, but with the increase and constant theft of their meters, they would urge the court for a custodial sentence.

“We urged the court for a custodial sentence for as long as the laws will permit, perhaps two years or more, but the court has that discretion,” he said.

He added that over 400 cases of meter theft had been reported so far.

The two are expected to reappear in court on August 18 for continuation.

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