Engineering Council investigates Ofankor 3-storey building collapse

Source The Ghana Report

The Engineering Council in Ghana has begun an expedited investigation into the collapse of a three-storey building in Ofankor, within the Ga North Municipality of Accra.

The incident occurred on Saturday, September 23. Fortunately, no casualties were recorded. However, the cause of the collapse remains unclear.

In response to the incident, the council directed the caretaker of the site to keep it locked and ensure that nothing interferes with the rubble until an official inspection by the council’s technical team.

However, upon returning to the site on Monday after a preliminary assessment, the council discovered that the owners and caretakers had cleared and disposed of all debris, complicating detailed forensic investigations.

Despite the challenges posed by the removal of debris, the Engineering Council expressed its commitment to working diligently with NADMO, the police, and other partners to conduct a thorough investigation as soon as possible.

The council emphasized that any tampering with evidence at the site of a disaster, such as a building collapse, is considered a crime that hampers effective investigations.

The Engineering Council pledged to share the critical outcomes of their investigation with relevant state authorities and the general public, along with recommendations to guide all affected parties.

They also urged the public to engage licensed engineering practitioners, firms, and entities for the design, construction, and supervision of all engineering-related structures and services, as required by the Engineering Council Act, 2011 (Act 819) and the Engineering Regulations 2020 (LI 2410).

Additionally, the council reminded developers of the Architects Act, Act 1969, NLCD 357, which stipulates the use of qualified architects for designing buildings in Ghana.

Below is a statement to that effect.

Download (PDF, 190KB)

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