Fameye: I visited pastors for spiritual handkerchiefs and oil for music success

Ghanaian musician and Nothing I Get hitmaker, Fameye has opened up about how he sought spiritual assistance to blow in his music career.

In a recent interview on Hitz FM Day Break, Fameye mentioned that he bought various items including handkerchiefs and oil to fight poverty and succeed in his music career.

“Back then, I had one person who told me to pay some pastors for oils and handkerchiefs. I later realised that I worked hard and I didn’t think all these I had been doing paid off at that point,” he said.

While Fameye claimed he got these things from the church as spiritual aids for his fast fame in the music industry, he noted that he doubted they served any purpose for him.

In his view, his hard work and faith in God worked together to push his music fortunes.

“They were not working. How would I even know? Maybe, it’s now reflecting because it’s been a long time since I had gone there. Moreover, it’s only God that can come to my rescue.

“Besides, I cannot give specifications to one particular church whose oil or handkerchief might have worked for me because I have gone to a lot of churches,” he said.

In August last year, Fameye sparked social media conversation with a post of Facebook when he sent a stern warning to musicians to be wary of managers who seek their own popularity at the expense of their welfare.

He also asked artistes to be careful not to sign wrong deals with such managers who are devils but come in the form of angels.

“If you are an artiste and your manager wants to be a super star than you? Be careful, is either you signed a wrong deal or a Devil came in a form of an angel (sic)💡,” the said post reads.

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