Fashion No-Nos That Are Cursing You With An Aging Effect

When we were underage and people believed that we were older with our outfits and looks, this could really work in our favor.

Now that we are actually old and wrinkled, we really do not need people mistaking us for being even older due to poor fashion choices.

I’m sure that I am not the only one being prematurely called ma’am due to my granny-like outfits. So, let us try and eliminate as many aging looks as possible with this rejuvenating list!

Large, Puffy Hairdos

If you were around during the 1970s and 1980s, you might remember those ridiculously voluminous hairdos everyone was sporting. Thankfully, the 1990s brought a swift end to this hairstyle, which besides being completely outdated today, is very harmful to your hair. Sleek, smooth styles have reigned supreme! The only person who can still pull this look off, as you can see from the above picture, is the iconic Dolly Parton.

Screenshot 1

Failing To Mix Things Up

Monotonous patterns and prints are some of the biggest delusions in some parts of the fashion world. You are indeed permitted to shake things up and combine different designs! Plaid pairs pleasantly with leopard prints, while horizontal stripes are the avocado of the fashion world, meaning that they can be combined with anything. Variety is the spice of life, and these colorful matches will keep you looking vibrant and fresh.

Screenshot 2

Matchy Outfits

People have stopped color-coordinating and started mixing prints and patterns. After all, it is quite boring to wear matchy-matchy clothes. Not only will it make you look older than your real age, but these outfits also have little to no character. You can shake things up a little by mixing leopard prints with plaid or combining stripes and circle patterns. You’d be surprised by how good these different combinations look.


Feel free to wear high-water trousers if you want to show off your super cool socks. However, this pant style is not exactly the most youthful thing to wear right now. It went out of style a while ago, in fact. These days, it is better to get pants that will allow you to sit down and still cover your ankles. Besides, why would you want your ankles to feel cold?

Screenshot 3


There was one point in time when thin eyebrows were considered cool and hip and were all the rage. However, people are going to judge you if you still wear them like that now. This was a trend from the early 2000s that will no longer work in this day and age. It is now better to let them grow big because bushy and natural brows are all the rage

Screenshot 4

No Skincare Routine

If you are already in your twenties, it might be surprising, but you should start putting on eye and night cream on a daily basis. Even though you are still young, it is a good idea to prevent the aging of your skin as early as possible. It is a good idea to add this to your regular skincare routine! Apply these products twice a day for the best results.


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