Father of Organisation Dev’t explains how leaders can maximise productivity in new book

For most organisations across the world, one pertinent issue that leaders have to address is how to effectively manage resources to improve efficiency and productivity.

But this challenge is well addressed in the career of Noble Kumawu, birthing this new book on organisational development.

The 262-page book titled ‘The father of Organisation Development in Africa: The journey, struggles, and career’ gives a riveting account of the author’s journey.

The book details how businesses can utilise resources to achieve productivity, innovation, and profits. It identifies the right tools and explains the models in the job market.

Mr. Kumawu also hailed as the father of Organisation Development (OD), said he is passionate about training OD practitioners in the country.

Explaining his motivation and how it started, he said the journey started as far back in the 1990s.

By Noble Kumawu

“This was when I was contacted as a consultant to train OD practitioners around the world. In the late 80s early 90s, I was one of those consultants based in the United Kingdom who was brought down to assist a number of public sector reform programmes in Ghana, Nairobi, Kenya, and other African countries.

“I realized organization development was lacking in Africa, it was one of those things that Africa did not have so I thought to myself, if Ghana and Africa were to have our very own OD practitioners, it will save the country a lot of money,” he said this during the launch at Christ the King Parish hall on Thursday.

Book launch at Christ the King Parish Hall

He believes Organizational Development is vital for many businesses who want to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced world.

Adding her voice, the reviewer of the book, Pastor Demay Larbi described the book as an exceptional work and recommended it for leaders and managers in any organisation.

“This is a ‘needed’ book for Africa. It employs the soft-style approach which allows the reader to engage. It also has some notable leadership quotes from seasoned leaders across the world.

“The author is able to keep the interests of his readers as he goes on and he also talks about his love life which I find intriguing and humbling,” she indicated.

The launch was crowned when Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah of Royal House Chapel officially unveiled the new book.

“Grace, blessing, wisdom is about to prove itself in your managing style should you buy this book. I commission and declare this book spiritually launched from heaven, may this book serve our generations beyond,” and the excited believers shouted a big amen.

Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah in the middle


The first ten copies of the book were sold for GH₵20,000 and it went to the Chairperson of the event, Professor Raymond Atubiga, who is also an associate professor and Dean of the University of Ghana Law School.

Other copies went to Reverend Sam Korankye, representatives from Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU), Civil Service, Ministries of Local Government, University of Cape Coast, and other individuals.


About the author

Noble Kumawu is a psychologist with a post-graduate specialization as an Organization Development [OD] consultant. He divides his time between Africa and Europe, undertaking relevant facilitation, organizational development (OD) and management development consultancy, training and research assignments, or strengthening the capacity of local consultants to do so.

The latter of Noble’s OD career trajectory has culminated in the establishment of the only institutionalised accredited organisation development consultancy skills training institution in the West-African sub-region, called the Organisation Development (OD) Institute which he heads as the President.

He was the coordinator of the Organisation Capacity Improvement Consultants (OCIC) and the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Partnership, Ghana (2003-2014).

He has undertaken various short and long-term consultancy, research, and training assignments for the United Nations. Countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, and Geneva have benefited from the training.

Noble also assisted with various public sector reform programmes including the
“Compulsory Competitive Tendering” (CCT) policy implementation of the United Kingdom government, the National Institutional Renewal Programme (NIRP) of Ghana and the Federal Civil Service Commission of Ethiopia, Conflict Resolution and Team Building interventions for several top leaderships.

  1. Asabia says

    Excellent rendition and fulfilling content. Good summation of the event. Kudos.

  2. Victoria Quartey says

    Productive book to human development and organisational structure. Well executed..Well done Prof.

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