Fella Makafui petitions CID to investigate Medikal amidst marital crisis

Fella Makafui petitions CID to investigate Medikal amidst marital c
Actress Fella Makafui has formally petitioned the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service to investigate her now enstranged husband, Medikal, who he shares a daughter with.

In a letter dated, April 4 and addressed to the CID, the YOLO actress urges the department to investigate Medikal for allegedly publishing false news which she claims have endangered her life.

In her petition letter sighted by Graphic Showbiz, she asserts that Medikal’s actions violate Section 208 of the Criminal Code of 1960, Act 29, which addresses the publication of false news.

In the said petition, Fella confirmed that they divorced in January 2024 but her life has been under threats following false publications from Medikal on social media.

She said his actions contravene the Electronic Communications Act 2008 (Act 775), specifically Sections 76 (1) and 76 (2), which prohibit the transmission of false or misleading information likely to endanger the safety of any person.

Interestingly, the said letter which started circulating last night came at a time when Medikal has been on social media rants, exposing some ill treatments he claims to have endured in the hands of Fella Makafui including physical and verbal abuse.

Medikals outbursts

Since yesternight, Medikal and Fella Makafui have been drawing attention on social media since Medikal decided to tell his side of the story of what he went through in his marriage.

In a series of posts on Snap chat, the Too Risky hitmaker disclosed the sacrifices and support offered Fella, among which include funding a Fella’s liposuction to improve her body shape to sell her slim tea, as well as opening a number of businesses including a wine shop which she wasn’t able to manage.

Medikal also disclosed that prior to their separation, he never had any sexual intercourse with Fella for over a year even though they were still married.

He also talked about how Fella never cooked for him for two years and had to depend on chefs, daughter’s nanny and restaurants to feed during the period.

Medikal, who seemed ready to spill a lot also talked about how their daughter, Island, almost ate wee toffee due to her mother’s negligence and how Fella physically and verbally assaulted him when they were together.

Social media reactions

Even though the Medikal and Fella’s issue have been a simmering issue for some time since Medikal publicly announced their divorce, it appeared people have been emboldened to offer their opinions with Medikal’s “bear it all” live session yesterday.

While some netizens consoled Medikal on what’s happening to him, there were others who didn’t mince words in calling him out for his childish behaviour of bringing a private issues such marriage to the public domain

For the critics, marriage was no child’s play and as such, Medikal should be man enough to handle his marital issue and not court public sympathy.






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