Female Activist calls for ban of Obour’s ‘Konkontiba’ song, says it promotes Pedophilia

Executive Director of Yebetumi, a women’s right organisation, Abena Benewaa Fosu, is sounding the alarm bells over the sexual and gender-based violence actions in the country.

In an interview on TV3’s New Day on May 22, Abena Benewaa called for a ban on Obour’s ‘Konkontiba’ song which was released in 2004 and became a banger.

The female activist contended that the song promotes pedophilia and sexual violence against women particularly young ladies.

She references a verse of the song which says “Aboa konkontiba, aboa konkontiba, Ɔrebɛnyini ayɛ kɛse na wadane apɔnkyerɛni”.

According to her, this verse of the song means “catch them young and they shall be yours forever” which she believes “promotes grown men grooming little girls and promotes pedophilia.”

For this reason, Abena Benewaa wants the song banned in the country as apart of efforts against Gender-based violence in the country.

She emphasised that other pop culture songs do have verses promoting sexual violence against women and have been normalised in the music industry, urging for action against such acts.

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