Form 3 Ghana National College student arrested for allegedly raping Form 1 mate

A form 3 student of the Ghana National College is in the grips of the Central Regional police for allegedly raping a Form 1 student.

According to online news portal, myjoyonline.com, the 21-year old suspect, Frederick Ayisi, is the step-son of the MP for Cape Coast North and Deputy Works and Housing Minister, Barbara Ayisi.

Frederick is the son of the Communication Director of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), George Ayisi.

The suspect is said to have invited the girl over to a place outside the school and forcibly had sex with her.

School authorities were then notified about the development. The suspect was then picked up by the police after school authorities lodged a complaint with the security service.

Parents of both students were invited to the school over the matter prior to the arrest of the suspect, Joy News’ reporter, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko said.

Meanwhile, the Domestic Violence Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) says, the docket has been forwarded to the Attorney general for advice and will soon arraign the suspect.

  1. Anonymous says

    They should be punished

  2. Anonymous says

    That “rapist” is Nana Addo’s nephew.

    1. Efua says

      He is Nana Addo’s nephew and so what? Must we hold the Preaident reaponsible for this?

      1. Anonymous says

        Ask again ooo.gh people and thir myopic way of reasoning

        1. Anonymous says

          You aren’t a Ghanaian

      2. Anonymous says

        Good question, myopic minds

    2. Samuel says

      You are a fool to just open your stupid mouth to mention the president’s name, in your dreams you will wish to have the president be a relative of your, you have no thinking cap on your head learn to grow up

      1. Anonymous says

        Wise person comment that you made. Wise Samuel

      2. Abdul says

        So you see how intolerant y’all has suddenly become at the mention of Nana Addo. The name Mahama was constantly mentioned and insults raining on him and his tribe mates. It is immaturity and “stupid” to reduce the president of a sovereign nation like Ghana to a cow boy and labelling him with unprintable names and dirty innuendos. Our politics will remain tribal and uncivilised until the day we learn to do unto others what we want others to do unto us.

      3. Kate... says

        It was not rape…. It was an agreement between both parties… No one should accuse the boy loop

    3. Man says


    4. Anne says

      soooo dummy and foolish comments.
      U get cheap data and comment foolishly. Fool

    5. Anonymous says

      Nonsensical post

  3. Abanga says

    Can you please update us on the rape issue between a teacher and his student at north which happened at the staff common room? As at now, nothing has been heard ever since you reported it.

  4. Emmanuel says

    The law must deal with him. Rape is a serious offence; it’s murder of the soul of this young innocent form 1 student girl.

    1. Anonymous says

      Though the boy is very wrong for the act, did the girl take permission from the school to be out there with the boy? And To be invited by a guy to a place outside the school for pilolo or ampeh ? Our girls must be smart too.

  5. Anonymous says

    Let’s leave politics out. 21 years makes the boy an adult who can face the law squarely. Our prayers rather should be that his father and step father don’t influence the outcome of this case. My one cent

  6. Nature, Texas says

    What advice again does the judicial need, this is a straight cut. Please the girl is someone’s daughter don’t play the kinda dirty ugly politics and favoritism in this one. Let just prevail

  7. Anonymous says

    He should face the law when found guilty. The father and mother’s position should not influence the judgment at all. Rape kills the soul, I pray the girl recovers fast

    1. Anonymous says

      Pls the girl suffered no trauma after the incidence… She’s walking about freely as if nothing has been done to her and the poor boy has been in the custody of the police for days… Someone who has wassce to write???… We’re not being fair on his part… We just hold on to what the media feeds us… The media lies to us 99.9% all the time

  8. Anonymous says

    Lord have mercy on innocent girls.

  9. Anonymous says

    Ah-ah! This boy must be a dander head. At age 21 he’s still in SHS? Children from such a background as his, do go to school early. It’s a shameful out and he has disgraced his parents. He has dragged their names into the mud and made them popular for a wrong reason. Eh! My kid bro, next time try to control your “v3nv3l”. Take hard Madam minister and husband. I know with your loaded schedules, you hardly have time to talk to your children. I wouldn’t blame you for this shameful act by this son of yours. And I know you’re not irresponsible parents too. Be strong!

    1. Anonymous says

      You jump at the boy and say absolute nonsense… Do you know why he’s still in shs at the age of 21???…
      Or education now has limit

  10. Anonymous says

    O’ Lord my National, why this demonic act?, get the boy to face the Law and there should be no sympathy what so ever, because he is 21. If someone smokes we, he is sentenced 10 years, so what about this animal.

    1. Anonymous says

      You’re very stupid to call him an animal…. You are the animal… You stupid old fool

  11. Anonymous says

    Though the boy is very wrong for the act, did the girl take permission from the school to be out there with the boy? And To be invited by a guy to a place outside the school for pilolo or ampeh ? Our girls must be smart too.

    1. Anonymous says

      The girl might not be smart to take permission bcos the guy is her Senior and how can you take permission before responding to your senior’s call….

  12. Anonymous says

    This is what happens when you stop supplying the students with that tiny book entitled ‘ Courtesy for boys and girls’. In our days, that is what you will first receive when you are admitted into the school . Our women are elated and well groomed. We have so much respect for them. We hardly offend them. We built that standard for school and a rapist steps in. The boy is too old to be in that school. Please get him him jailed and he would learn a better lesson in prison.

  13. Sessi says

    Think of this.. what if the girl allowed the sex thing… But may be because she is a virgin and the guy didn’t take time to do it she felt the pains and saw the blood… you know how girls react towards such things as if you raped them. I’m just thinking. Cus breaking virginity takes time and patience… Guys too sometimes dont know then we will be pushing it anyhow in the name of make she scream for me… So please it could be that the girl screamed truly and the noise and the bloody thing made her think the guy raped her or she realized there is nothing she can do than to lie because of the disgrace….. Also it may be that the guy truly raped her… Anyway I’m into marketing and Advertisement.. if you need any tool to grow your business let’s talk or chat 0273666004

  14. Keliva says

    Pls a lots are going wrong, due to this I will like to plead with the parents expecially the mothers to stop challenging the men, competing with the men about who earns much more than the other and focus on your children…..

  15. Abeeku says

    Journalist of today are so poor with reportage. A crime has been committed and the laws of the land should be made to take its full course who the parents are do not really matter

  16. Anonymous says

    You guys don’t Know anything so shut the fuck up. The irresponsible girl mutually accepted it buh she couldn’t withstand it .
    So is the fault of the girl buh she used her mind.

  17. wonder says

    school fees u do all

  18. Amarula says

    I don’t blame both parties at all. It could have been a mistake, you know, some things are not planned but they happen. I hope he gets to pass his Wassce after all this trauma

  19. Anonymous says

    School fees, good luck. Dis bi anonymous fan from Nashnal. You go get through this. Stay safe

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