Funding affecting production of Ghanaian films on Netflix- Akofa Edjeani

Veteran Ghanaian actress Akofa Edjeani has attributed the drop in the number of Ghanaian films showing on Netflix to a lack of funding for the film industry.

Film producer Umar Krupp has said that the movie industry in Ghana is dead and irrelevant, suggesting it must be shut down for an overhaul.

According to him, the country must give itself five years to restructure the movie industry to give the economy a major boost.

However, speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Wednesday (21 February), Edjeani said the dormant film industry could be revived with the right funding for players in the sector.

“Funding is such a problem here for us, I have scripts lying there, I know other people who have good scripts but there is no source of funding.

“So there has to be a way to source for funds and investors interested in investing in the sector, if that happens, we will do more because the few films we produce are good.”

“So you don’t see more of our movies on Netflix because if you have about ten producers here you have about three hundred elsewhere. So out of the ten we produce two can go on Netflix …” Edjeani said.

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