Ghana FA reportedly employs over 70,000 footballers into Ghana’s working class

The Ghana Football Association has presented a data that it is directly involved in the employement of over 70,000 Ghanaians that feed into the Socio-Economic architecture of the country.

A presentation showing only registered Footballers in the entire tier of competitions under the Football Association, shows the regional division two and three leagues employ over 60% of footballers in Ghana with a total of 43,700 footballers.

Juvenile Football which has been described as the bedrock of Football development in the country comes second with 32.5% of the employed Footballers numbering 23,000.

Women Football clubs have 600 direct Footballers registered in their name, whiles the top two national leagues have a combined registered Footballers of 3,372 representing 4.8%.

The data released by the Football Association does not include other members of the Football clubs .

This means Coaches, Administrators, medical and other essential service providers were not captured in the data break down.

The data however represents a 0.54% of Ghana’s entire Workforce of 12 million.



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