Ghana Month: ‘Akyeke’, the local delicacy saving thousands of lives

Still on the special edition of the Ghana Month Diary by kind courtesy of The Ghana Report.

Today’s edition will focus on ‘Akyeke’, one of the local delicacies in Ghana which is very affordable and can be eaten at any time of the day.

‘Akyeke’ is a staple food for the Nzema people in the Western Region of Ghana.

Akyeke garnished with tilapia, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato and grind pepper


The name can be spelled in different ways such as ‘Achɛkɛ’, ‘Acheke’, ‘Adjɛkɛ’, ‘Attieke’, and the rest.

It is very common to see vendors selling ‘Akyeke’ en routes to the towns in the Western Region.

Apart from Ghana, this meal also serves as one of the delicious dishes for the people in Cote d’Ivoire.

‘Akyeke’ is prepared from grated cassava that is fermented. The water from the mashed cassava or cassava dough is drained using a sieve or very neat napkin and then stirred in a circular motion in any basin for the cassava dough to be dry.

The meal is steamed under medium heat on fire for between five and seven minutes. A small quantity of salt is added for a delicious taste.

The meal can be enjoyed with soup, stew, shrimp, fried plantain, boiled eggs or fried eggs, avocado pear, and other things one feels ok with just to add some pleasant taste to the meal.

The Nzema people often add palm oil to the food which gives it a yellowish colour.

The food is very affordable as one can fully be satisfied by buying only  GH₵5.00. If one wants to have a full taste of other accompaniments, then one will need about GH₵10.00 or GH₵15.00.

Akyeke is a great source of carbohydrates because it is made from cassava. As indicated early on, the meal can be taken at any time of the day, either for breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Akyeke also provides protein to the human body which builds and repairs muscles and bones.

It is very easy to start an ‘Akyeke’ business in any part of the country with very small capital.

Anytime you visit any town in the Western region, try your best to have a taste of their delicious ‘Akyeke’ meal and you will never forget that palatable experience.


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