Ghana Month: Our local languages could become extinct – Queen mother Nana Yaa Bukuraa I

Source The Ghana Report

The Queen mother of Wasa Saa in the Wassa Amenfi East Municipal District of the Western Region, Nana Bukuraa I, has expressed worry about the extinction of local Ghanaian languages if parents insist on English without paying any attention to their mother tongue.

In an exclusive interview with The Ghana Report, Nana Bukuraa I, emphasised that in March (Heritage Month), every Ghanaian should make it a priority to incorporate some traditional values in their lives, especially the promotion of local languages and fashion.

According to her, some parents prefer to bring their children up speaking only English at the expense of local languages.

For her, this is detrimental to the identity and culture of Ghanaians.

Nana Bukuraa I wants every Ghanaian to actively learn about their culture during the Heritage Month activities.

Furthermore, she bemoaned the rise in illegal mining at Wasa Saa and attributed the canker to unemployment.

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Consequently, she called on the government to implement measures to end the menace and prevent its devastating impact.

She also admonished miners to adopt sustainable, legal, and environmentally safe methods in their operations.

For her, it is time to shift towards a different approach that will benefit local communities without destroying arable lands.

Nana Bukuraa I also added that the youth of Wasa Saa are hardworking and ready to work.

Hence, investors should not hesitate to harness the opportunities in her community to establish businesses.





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