Ghana needs a reconstruction plan – Opare Addo on ‘people’s manifesto’

Source The Ghana Report/Aba Asamoah

The National Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress, George Opare Addo has justified his party’s decision to correlate the views and ideas of ordinary Ghanaians in its 2020 manifesto dubbed the ‘people’s manifesto’

According to him, the NDC alone as a political party may not be able to cover the full aspirations and desires of Ghanaians, therefore, it is imperative to include them in the gathering of ideas.

“ Ghana needs a national reconstruction plan, something that has the views, desires and aspirations of the ordinary Ghanaian” he noted.

The NDC in a letter with heading ‘NDC Requests for Policy Memoranda from Public for 2020 Manifesto’, read, the opposition party is soliciting ideas from the very Ghanaians they intend to rule over to write their manifesto.

‘The objective to develop a grassroots manifesto, is driven by need to give meaning to our Social Democratic principles of inclusivity and mass participation in the pursuit of growth and development of our country’

This decision by the NDC has been heavily ridiculed by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), according to them, the request by the opposition (NDC) party to take ideas from Ghanaians for its 2020 manifesto indicates that they lack what it takes to run the country.

Reacting to these claims by the NPP,  Opare Addo said, the NPP is known for isolating itself from such activities.

“You remember what happened when the Rawlings led government was formatting the 1992 constitution……the NPP boycotted it, according to them, they would not take part in ideas gathering with market women, tailors and ordinary Ghanaian but that same 1992 constitution made the provision for the Free SHS policy they are touting their government with, we know them for this behavior……. the NDC is resolute in its decision and we will fix Ghana come 2021” he said.


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