Ghana records first coronavirus ‘recovery’

A Chinese man in Ghana has regained his health after contracting the deadly coronavirus.

He was one of the few people who flew into the country early March during the initial stages of the outbreak in Ghana.

The Chinese man leaving the hospital after recovery
The Chinese man leaving the hospital after recovery.

He was quarantined after showing mild symptoms which matched the case definition of the Ghana Health Service. Further tests proved positive for COVID-19.

After a few days of treatment at the Atonsu Agogo Hospital in the Ashanti Region, he showed remarkable improvement and tested negative.

He was seen walking out of the facility on Wednesday but has been requested to stay in self-isolation for another 28 days, to be monitored by health officials.

Ashanti Regional Director of Health Services, Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang, told theghanareport.com: “Physically, he is doing well but recovery will take 28 days according to public health standards.”

He explained that the person could be described as being “well as you see him” but based on the protocols outlined by the Ghana Health Service, he can only be certified as cured if further tests are negative after a double period of the incubation duration.

Currently, there are no signs or symptoms being exhibited by the patient.

He indicated, “He is not sick now, but we will still wait”.

According to the regional director, the patient, while indisposed, refused to report to the hospital after he arrived in Ghana, March 9.

It took some security personnel to convey him to the hospital where he is now set to become Ghana’s first case of recovery.

The government is expected to provide further details soon.

Ghana has recorded 68 cases of COVID-19 with three deaths within two weeks after the infection was first detected on March 12, 2020.

Two Ghanaian women and a Lebanese man have succumbed to the infection. They all reportedly had other underlying health conditions that experts say increases the likelihood of death.

As of 25 March, some 1,030 people were under mandatory quarantine. Samples from 863 of them have been tested and 38 confirmed positive.

The mandatory quarantine has become a contributing factor to the huge jump in cases.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has called for a total lockdown of the Greater Accra Region, which has recorded the highest number of cases.

The Ministry of Health identified Accra, Tema and Kumasi as the main areas of the viral infections.

Even though the government has imposed a public ban on mass gatherings and closed the borders of the country, the GMA said in a press release on Wednesday that the best option to contain the virus was a total ban on movement except for essential service providers.

“The lockdown though not a comfortable decision for leadership and citizens alike is a proven option backed by science and along with the other measures will ultimately be in our best interest.

“We call on all Ghanaians to support such a move in the national interest to save our nation from the devastating effects of this pandemic,” the statement said.

Across the globe,  the virus has killed 20,912 people out of 463,418 cases. 113,802 people have recovered from the virus using different treatments.


  1. Anonymous says

    Please visit Ga East Municipal Hospital (Kwabenya) where cases are there. Nurses and Drs. are taking very good care of them. Patients are comfortable. But I think the govt should put in more efforts cos food is a problem.

    1. Kelvin says


  2. Anonymous says

    I support the shutdown of Tema, Kumasi and Accra for at least 2 weeks to contain the virus. We better do it now when the numbers are few than wait for it to escalate before we act. Whatever decision that will be taken, it will defiantly affect some people. If we allow it to get to the villages where medical services are lacking or in some cases non existent, we may say one day if we had known which is always at last.

    1. Meredith BognarAnsah says

      We must have foods and proctective wears for essential jobs, which alsi help stabalise economy.. Must stay 1.5 m away frim each other n was hands with soap

  3. Adwenpa says


    1. Anonymous says

      True ooo

  4. Anonymous says

    Lockdown now before we get to the level of Italy. Support self-employed businesses that’s why we pay taxes and provide Gari, milk, sugar and Beans to people who can’t afford to stock up food now then lockdown for 2 weeks before the situation gets worse.

  5. Anonymous says

    OK we Will work, and get the money and after that we die, is that what you want
    Your Excellency please do something be for it is too late.
    Let come together as a country and help each other.
    The rich ones can help the government to provide for those who don’t have money to buy rice, gari and beans and then we lockdown for at least two(2) weeks

  6. Anonymous says

    I must appreciate the efforts put buy Ghana health services and the Ghana government.
    I hope within two weeks Ghana will be free from this deadly virus
    Let the citizens be brave to face it and self control so together we declare victory soon. God bless all. Bhagwan Deol

  7. Anonymous says

    I would like to know what medication is being used to manage the Covid-19 pandemic?

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