‘Ghanaians disregard mental health’ – Kofi Asamoah on Moesha Boduong’s suicide attempt

Ghanaian filmmaker Kofi Asamoah has commented on socialite Moesha Boduong’s suicide attempt for the first time.

Moesha has been trending for days after she revealed in a viral video that she nearly committed suicide when she repented. She also disclosed that she sold all her cars.

Commenting on the issue, Kofi Asamoah has said Ghanaians downplay mental health and that those who think Moesha made the confessions for publicity are wrong.


“When someone is going through a problem, the least of the things Ghanaians consider is their mental health. We do not have regard for mental health,” he asserted on Peace FM on Tuesday, July 13.


He said those who think Moesha’s issue is a publicity stunt should rather be worried.

“For someone like Moesha Boduong, if she wants publicity stunt, she won’t use this long strategy. Sometimes, when issues of this nature pop up, let us look beyond the fun and comedy aspects. The issue is a bit dangerous because she is not known for this, so people should be worried.”


“Why would Moesha say she attempted suicide to get publicity? If she wants publicity, she would have gone naked or twerk. Let us switch the discussion from a publicity stunt. It is not true that she is doing this for publicity.”


Kofi Asamoah said Moesha is doing well, however, he cannot confirm if the issue is mental health-related because he is not an expert in the field.


“As I speak, Moesha is better than before. The trending video is a video from Saturday. She is fine and calm. Like every human, she is going through things. I can’t confirm that she has a mental problem. It’s only a health professional that can determine her mental status. She truly attempted suicide, but it’s not something that people should laugh about.”


He also stated that he can’t confirm if Moesha sold her cars but said Ghanaians should accept it as it is for now.


“About selling her cars, I am not in the position to confirm. Let’s accept what she said in her video for now. For someone who wanted to commit suicide isn’t in a stable frame of mind. So some of the things she said or did may not necessarily be what it is.”


He called for prayers for Moesha. “All I want to say is that we should remember Moesha Boduong in prayers.”

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