Gospel Musician Mavis Esaaba Haizel Honoured

A USA based Ghanaian female musician is raising the flag of Ghana high through music, humanitarian service and academics.

Successive American governments have honoured the gospel singer on various grounds due to her diverse service to humanity.

Mavis Esaaba Haizel is noted for her debut album Nhyiraba which had 10 tracks.
The album received a welcoming gesture from pour gospel music lovers in the year 2017, then followed with a danceable gospel rock show single-N’adoye in the year 2018.

That is not all, Mavis Eaaba Haizel is noted for her classic hit song #Kyere Me Woakwan, which is currently enjoying airplay both in Ghana and abroad.

#Ye Shall Prosper is another single dropped by the gospel hitmaker which is streaming popular releases as of now.
Mavis Esaaba Haizel is also an academic scholar who has been awarded by the US government.

Her research on “How Social Anxiety Affects Students Performance in Online Class During Covid-19” was done in the year 2021 but she received this ward as McNair Academic Scholar in the year 2022.

The ace musician has also received an Academic Achievement Scholar award from the University of Maryland, USA. It was presented in July 2022.


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