Grave looters hit Wassa Grumisa

Source The Ghana Report

Suspects have looted two buried remains at Wassa Grumisa in the Amenfi East.

According to a bereaved family member, the two bodies were his aunts.

He said he lost his aunt in 2023 and was buried on December 5, 2023; however, the body was not in her grave when they went to the cemetery to bury another relative who had passed.

He stated that it was unclear when the grave was looted.

According to him, the family reported the incident to the traditional authority in the area, and some rites were performed following the incident, and the grave was later covered.

Later, the family got information that the second aunt, who was buried two weeks ago, had also been exhumed on Sunday, May 26, 2024, and the first one returned.

He revealed that when the family visited the cemetery, they saw the casket of the late auntie empty.

The traditional authority, he said, poured libations and invoked curses on those who looted the graves.

“We do not know if the graves were looted by ritualists. As a family, we are worried, and that is why the traditional leaders poured libations and invoked curses against those behind the grave looting. We don’t know what the remains that were returned were used for. But we suspect these remains were used for ritual purposes. This is evil, he said.

He added that the mortal remains of the one who was buried first in December 2023 had been returned and placed on her grave.

He further stated that “the one whose grave was looted was 105 years old. She had no conflict with anyone. I believe that when they came for the first remains and used them for their evil deeds, they came for this one”.

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