Heavy makeup and ‘kuntan’ dressing make the Holy Spirit leave gospel artistes -Patience Nyarko

Wafom Kwan hitmaker, Patience Nyarko seems to be very passionate about the modest appearance of female gospel musicians.

A few months after entreating her colleagues not to sway attention from the messages of their songs to their looks, Patience is presently emphasizing her position on the subject with the assertion that the Holy Spirit can even depart such ‘culprits”.

Submitting as a guest on United Showbiz last Saturday, Patience Nyarko explained that the goal of every gospel artiste is to sell Christ but it seems the focus on heavy breakup and high-class fashion is taking superiority over the core mandate. ( Related article: Preach Christ and stop diverting attention with your looks – Patience Nyarko tells gospel musicians)

Patience Nyarko pointed out that she was not against female gospel artistes having a good sense of fashion but they should be wary of it, particularly in the name of branding so as not to sway away from preaching Christ.

“Every Gospel musician has something he or she is selling and that is Christ. So anything you do as a gospel musician should not surpass you selling Christ. You can dress alright but don’t let it overshadow your mission of selling Christ through your songs.

“Let me tell you one secret, excessive branding and heavy makeup as a gospel musician can lead to the Holy Spirit stepping aside. For instance, there could be a church with a small number of congregation who will seek your services.

“However, because you have branded yourself, you will feel that such a church is below your standard and refuse to perform that but for all you, God wanted you there.

“In the case of makeup, some gospel artistes restrict themselves for the Holy Spirit to use them during a performance because they don’t want to sweat and get their makeup cleaned.

“They will do everything including being stiff on stage, thereby restricting the holy spirit from having its way at such a moment,” she said.

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