How To Reply To “I miss you” Without Repeating

Covid-19 has continued to keep us away from some of our friends. But due to technological advancements, we have heard from them and interacted virtually.

More often when we call them, either video calls or voice calls and chat with them through texts we have never failed to tell how we miss them. Isn’t it? “I miss you” rarely misses in these conversations and either they or us have we quickly replied, “I miss you too”.

“I miss you too” has been the common reply but sometimes we do not want to repeat it and we end up reply the wrong way or we shift quickly to another topic. So, what should we do? Should we laugh or just ignore it? No, here what you should reply and they will feel that reality of you missing them.

The first one is I have been thinking about you. When you think of another person it does means that you miss them. The second one is I can’t wait to see you again. This shows that you are eager to spend time with them

. Others include I wish you were here, we will meet soon buddy and I am counting days until we will be back together. Alternatively, if you have to repeat the “I miss you part” you can spice it up by saying “I am glad you are missing me, I miss you too”.

That will sound great to them rather than by repeating it. Now you know if you didn’t. Share with your friends who do not know about this, so that next time they are in a call and the statement pops out, they will not be in a struggle to reply. How do you best reply to this statement?


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