I “contaminated” myself with friends – Amy Newman

Celebrated gospel musician Amy Newman now known as Amy Amber Newman has revealed that her absence from the music scene for about 14 years was due to the sort of friends she was keeping, which God didn’t like.

She said during the period, she tried on different occasions to record songs but it didn’t work,  referring to it as her “time in the wilderness,” adding that the friends she kept contaminated her.

Revealing her ordeal to Giovanni Caleb on the Starr Drive Monday, the “Oye Adom” singer said “and it’s not that I didn’t want to come out, I wanted to, but it’s like anytime I try to come out with a song it doesn’t work. I don’t know what was preventing me, I don’t know  what was fighting it. I will go to the studio, I will pay money and then I don’t know what happens. The song doesn’t work anymore”.

“And I realized that sometimes as a child of God, you can contaminate yourself with something that God doesn’t want you to involve yourself, it can be friends, for mine it was friends. The company that I was in, God didn’t like it, meaning that I was contaminating myself because anytime He tries to get my attention, I’m with friends.  And the conversations that we have might not be pleasing to God. I may not even say what they are saying, but once I’m in their midst, I have contaminated my spirit,” she explained.

The singer added “in my 9th year with those friends, and then I realized that, no, I have sinned against God and then I separated myself from every so called friend. And these people, they are all church goers, they are all Christians. And you think that they are Christians and if you are in their midst there’s nothing wrong, but God didn’t want them to be around them.”

The 58-year-old singer who has rebranded is promoting her recently released song and video titled “Siesie Me”.

Explaining the concept behind the song, she said “Siesie me is the name God gave me in the time of my wilderness. In that wilderness journey, that’s when this Siesie Me song came”.


source: starrfmonline

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