I did not do surgery to lose weight – Teni to critics

Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Teni, has denied undergoing liposuction surgery to lose weight.

She expressed sadness that after all her efforts at burning out excess fat and trimming down, people still claim she went under the knife to get her body done.

Teni revealed that she went through a “strict diet” for two months to achieve her current physique, stating that if she had done surgery she would have a flat tummy by now.

In her words: “I went through a lot. I went through a lot of changes. I lost weight and some unfortunate fellows said I had surgery.

“If I did surgery my stomach would be flat. I wish but I was scared. Surgery is not easy. It’s life-threatening. It’s not easy to go under the knife. I was on a strict diet. Ask my managers. No carbs. I was on a strict diet for two months.

“But it taught me discipline. The mind is also a muscle. The way you flex your arms, discipline helps you flex your mind. It was not easy. Do you know what it means for me to take people out on dinner and I can’t eat what they are eating?

“I made the decision to lose weight after I had survived life-threatening COVID-19. I had COVID-19 twice; 2020 and 2021 so, in January 2022, after the COVID-19, I just said, ‘Omo, it’s time [to lose weight].”

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