‘I fired warning shots’ – Hawa Koomson admits using weapon at registration center

Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Mavis Hawa Koomson, has admitted firing gunshots at a voter registration centre in the Central Region.

“It was my gun. I fired my own warning shot,” the cabinet minister told Adom News in an interview monitored by theghanareport.com.

The minister, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Awutu Senya East, claimed her opponent, Philis Naa Koryoo, had bused some people into the constituency to register at the Steps to Christ registration post in Kasoa.

Hawa Koomson by her vehicle at Kasoa

The minister of state at the presidency, Hawa Koomson, said she was accompanied to the center by her men, who were unarmed. Her police escort was not with her at the time of the incident, around 9 am Monday.

She said she witnessed intimidating scenes at the polling station, with some motorbikes making furious turns around the center. She believes it was men recruited by her opponents to cause fear.

“I realized that my peoples’ lives were in danger. I wanted to scare them,” the 54-year-old former teacher explained why she fired her gun, which she said was licensed.

According to eyewitnesses account, at least 15 men stormed the venue and tried to sack some applicants, suspected to have come from outside the region.

Hawa Koomson has said she will ‘not allow non-residents to come into the area to choose the next MP’.

Officials from the Electoral Commission (EC) had to flee during a confusion at the centre which led to violence.

This resulted in a brawl between the two politicians as a buffer of police officers, prevented the verbal exchanges from getting physical.

Philis Naa Koryoo is NDC parliamentary candidate for the constituency

Some motorbikes at the venue were seized and burnt. Four people have so far been arrested.

According to registration rules, one has to fill a form to challenge a person suspected of being unqualified to vote in a constituency.

Hawa Koomson is a two-term MP, winning the seat in the 2012 parliamentary elections and later in 2016.

In that election, she won 58.10% of the valid votes to beat her closest challenger, Adams Nuhu Timile, who obtained 40.86%.

As the 2020 parliamentary beckons, Mavis Hawa Koomson faces another NDC challenger, a private legal practitioner, Philis Naa Koryoo.

Election 2020: Awutu Senya East NDC Candidate Receives Death ...
Photo: Philis Naa Koryoo


  1. Anonymous says

    Was the MP protecting her boys or what?
    The narrative is short of common sense.

  2. STEVE'S says

    It is a pity a cabinet minister should go to this extent.

  3. Issah Ruhullah says

    Can’t believe this. A full minister? Come on! No matter the extent of intimidation, she ought to leave rather than firing gunshots.

    1. Anonymous says

      If she is the one the crowd was hooting at, then she’s in trouble this time around…

  4. Anonymous says

    Infact do we have anything in our constitution like non residents within Ghana ? The explosives are gathering momentum. Yesterday it was Ewes are not Ghanaians, another time birth certificate is not a valid document to prove ones Nationality and today it is non residents are not qualified to register in a particular area. Yoo, no more comments

    1. Anonymous says

      Better u don’t comment. Travel nd see to broaden ur horison

    2. Anonymous says

      It is rather unfortunate and far fetched that someone in the person of Mavis Hawa Koomson who is suppose to uphold the law has miserably let the side down. Like master like appointee – All die be die.

  5. Ghana says

    Simply despicable. We live in a country where elected officials elevate themselves beyond the reach of the law. Hopefully, free SHS will leave us with a more informed society who will hold these leaders to account.

  6. Anonymous says

    Since they’re Ghanaians they have right to register at any part of the country.

  7. Anonymous says

    The question is are they not Ghanaians?

  8. Anonymous says

    Do those people work there or reside there? If not what do they want there?

  9. Escopee Ahelegbeh says

    God is watching what this government is doing that at all cost they want power if your deeds could have proved what legacy’s you left for them u are able to do partial SHS free out of 21 promises only for Ghanaians okay let your numerous promises speaks for you and relaxed when think you ideally did your work well ,how can you accused people of none residents are they not Ghanaians what kind of silly people do we have in position a woman who called herself a minister should have snow leadership skills for others rather took law into her own hands firing warning shots what is warning shot in the first place? The law should take it’s course but they are in power I conclude it won’t get to no where because that’s Ghana I rest my case

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