‘I have no womb’ – Nana Yaa Brefo gets emotional over ‘medical negligence’

Broadcast journalist, Nana Yaa Brefo has shared her harrowing experience about how she lost her womb and a baby at a hospital due to medical negligence. 

The media personality said on Angel FM Monday morning that she was pregnant at the time and was due for delivery.

“A surgery they do in the morning, I had mine done in the afternoon. It took about 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. I almost died on the theatre table. Just because of such negligence, my womb had to be taken that day. Otherwise, I would’ve died, according to the doctor.”

“And the explanation he gave was that oh, the doctor who did the earlier surgery stitched my womb together with the cut so, there were holes in my womb,” she narrated with tears running down her cheeks.

She further said she did not have the privilege of seeing her baby because she also died shortly after the procedure.

“I didn’t see that child that I gave birth to because when that child got to Korle bu, after a while, that child also died.”

According to her, her in-laws kept praying for her to have a second child without knowing that she had no womb carry a child.

“My husband didn’t want anyone to know about it. But my in-laws kept praying for me for another child. She could call and say her prophetess wants to meet me but she didn’t know I was also like a man because I could no longer give birth. She was just wasting her prayers,” she recounted painfully.

Nana Yaa Brefo shared her experience after the Director of the Ghana Institute of Languages had also recounted how he lost his wife at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge Hospital).

Dr. Emmanuel Kuto took to social media to narrate how he lost his wife at one of Ghana’s biggest referral hospitals due to alleged medical negligence.

His post sparked uproar on social media and in traditional media. Several people shared similar stories of alleged medical negligence they had suffered at various hospitals across the country.

Management at the Ridge Hospital in a statement said they had initiated an investigation into Dr. Kuto’s incident.

  1. Anonymous says

    Too bad!

    1. Anonymous says

      Too many of these episodes keep happening and until these people in the medical field are sued, it will keep happening. The law & compensation fines must be the order of the day as people’s lives are being totally ruined with no accountability, acceptance, nothing, if they can’t perform medical procedures or if equipment have been hijacked due to corruption, nobody knows but it MUST stop!!
      The govt also needs to start setting up bodies to start looking into why these disasters keep happening in the first place.

    2. Anonymous says

      Does that bring her womb back?

  2. Anonymous says

    A very unfortunate situation. Saddened Saddened by this

  3. Anonymous says

    Very Sad. God is in control

  4. Anonymous says

    Hmmm. So why won’t anyone suffer the consequences for their careless actions at the expense of innocent lives.

  5. Anonymous says

    These public hospital doctors and nurses must change that attitude they have towards people who visit such places. As if we are not human beings

  6. Paul says

    Story doesn’t make sense. Kokofu story. What you described couldn’t have caused loss of your womb; hi probably did not understand what the doctor meant.

    1. Anonymous says

      I pray it happens to your sister der you will know how it feels

  7. Anonymous says

    Why does it always happens in only public hospitals?

    1. Anonymous says

      It’s not only in public hospital oooo. My experience with a private hospital is worse I lost my twins n my daughter all due to negligence on 2 separate occasions. Sometimes you think they are on a mission to just destroy.

  8. Anonymous says

    Ungrateful human beings. If u were dead , wud u have had the opportunity to come on live TV and spread falsehood?

    1. Anonymous says

      Don’t be an idiot. So she must die b4 you will know that her story is serious. Drug addicts all over social media

  9. Adwoa says

    People dont get it,there can be complications in
    any kind of surgery u do,Doctors are not God.

  10. Anonymous says

    A certain self acclaimed herbal hospital intentionally sold fake hypertension drugs to my mother after I left the country. At the time I returned, her health condition had deteriorated and passed on some few days later. FDA examined the content of their drugs and gave me a report that the medicine they sold to my late Mom was indeed fake and contained chemicals that could even worsened her condition. I’m set to sue them huge, and I encourage everyone not to keep any single secret about these guys. Let’s expose them and put them behind bars.

  11. Anonymous says

    Very bad

  12. Anonymous says

    So sad. As for some doctors and nurses of this country the least said about them. Hmmm it is painful 😕😕😕😕

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