I Received GH₵20 For A Movie Role In The 70s- Fred Amugi

Renowned veteran actor Fred Amugi has said that he was once paid a mere GH₵20 for a movie role in the 1970s.

In an exclusive interview with JoyPrime’s Roselyn Felli, he shared insights into the passion that fueled his career during those formative years.

He emphasized that in the early stages of his acting journey, financial gain was not the primary focus.

“The lowest amount I have received as an actor is GH₵20, paid to me by GBC radio theatre,” he disclosed.

“We, the so-called beginners of these things, were doing it for the passion. I just love it anytime someone is happy because he/she has been entertained by my performance, knowing that the viewers appreciate what I did was very satisfying,” he added.

Amugi, known for his award-winning performances, delved into his illustrious career, sharing stories about his most iconic roles and his evolution within the movie industry.

In offering advice to young and upcoming actors, he encouraged them to embrace any role assigned to them as relevant and to refrain from downplaying smaller roles in movies.

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