‘I take God beg you, I need your help’ – Accused person seeking assistance to kidnap two Canadian girls

The Accra High Court on Tuesday listened to recorded telephone conversations of four persons accused of kidnapping two Canadian girls in June 2019.

In a twisted plot, one of the kidnappers Samson Agharlor was heard pleading with a certain Atsu to help with the road map to the kidnapping job.

Although Agharlor, who featured prominently in the recordings may not appear to be a very religious person, he sought refuge in God’s name.

“Atsu the man ‘wey dey’ the white car inside bring some business. The business go bring GHC800,000. I take God dey beg you, I need your help.

“I need your help to draw the plan so we start. We go fit meet then talk, this matter no be matter for phone talk,” Agharlor said in pidgin English in interaction with Atsu in a telephone conversation.

The almost two-hour telephone conversation was recorded at different times, between May 31, 2019, and June 10, 2019.

The middleman, whose name was only given as Atsu subsequently followed up with a plan and met the team at one of the country’s largest malls, Accra Mall.

On June 2, 2019, Atsu and a certain Romeo made their way to Kumasi, to set the plan in motion.

On June 3, 2019, the group managed to procure some weapons and ammunitions for ‘project kidnapping’.

As part of the plan, the group also rented a car and got an apartment which was gated to enable them to move freely.

After making the necessary preparations and successfully kidnapping the girls, a certain Romeo was heard in a conversation with a certain Tools, demanding one of the kidnapped girls to mention the password for her ATM card.

For fear of her life, the lady suspected to be one of the kidnapped girls, obliged in a shaky voice.

The kidnappers asked for her apple ID and succeeded in getting her Facebook user name and password.

Also, two Nigerians, only known as ‘PA and Mansion GH’, were neck-deep in the kidnapping deal.

As the four corners of the courtroom listened attentively to the recorded conversations, all four accused persons except one bowed their heads.

The ground appeared to be more appealing to the trio who bowed their heads, with one palm in the other.

Samson Agharlor, on the other hand, was seen writing in his small notebook that he always carried around each time he came to court.

Since the trial started Agharlor has been noted for one thing — scribbling.


The four accused persons; Sampson Agharlor, Elvis Ojiyorwe, Jeff Omarsar and Yusif Yakubu are standing trial on charges of conspiracy to kidnap and kidnapping, charges to which they all pleaded not guilty.

The suspects in the Canadian girls kidnapping

The four are being held for the various roles in the kidnapping of Miss Lauren Patricia Catherine Tiley and Miss Bailey Jordan Chilley.

The two University of New Brunswick students were abducted on June 4, 2019, while volunteering for a Non-Governmental Organisation.

They were rescued that same month, which led to the arrest of the suspects.

The two are believed to have been abducted at the Kumasi Royal Golf Club at 8:25 pm, according to a news release from the Ghana Police Service.

Medical reports confirmed the girls were returned physically unhurt.

The case continues on April 15, 2021.

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