I Was Hoping He’ll Leave His Wife And Come For Me

We met four years ago. He walked into my office that day to make some business transactions.

I can’t remember exactly what he came to do but I can remember how his presence made me feel. I looked forward to seeing him every day after the first day we met and as fate would have it, our business transactions got to the point where we needed to have each other’s contact. We kept our relationship strictly professional until I posted a picture of myself and my best friend one day on my Whatsapp status. 

He asked, “Is that your friend?” My heart somersaulted. I said in my head, “I hope he’s not interested in my friend.” I told him, “She’s my friend. My very best friend.” He answered, “It’s a small world. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She’s even my junior in senior high school.” My heart finally came to a rest when he told me that. I said, “Small world indeed.” So I went to my friend to ask for more information about him. I asked how he was while young and how he’d become while grown-up. My friend described him as a good person who has interests in intelligent stuff. I said in my head, “It’s a match!” 

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