I wouldn’t be the sad person I am – Fameye on how lack of parental love shaped his life

Ghanaian singer Fameye recently opened up on his personal struggles and emotions through a heartfelt message on Snapchat.

In his candid expression, he revealed that he has made several unconventional decisions in his life, largely influenced by the absence of parental love and guidance.

Fameye acknowledged that the loss of his parents had a profound impact on his life. He expressed the belief that if he had the opportunity to grow up with his late parents, he might not have experienced the sadness that occasionally overwhelms him.

The singer shared his deep desire for divine protection and blessings to secure a brighter future for his own children.

He conveyed the profound sense of loneliness he feels due to the absence of his parents, and how this loneliness serves as a motivating force for him to create a more nurturing and supportive environment for his own family.


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