Illegal mining: Next generations may not have arable lands – Nana Yaa Bukuraa I

Source The Ghana Report

The Queen Mother of Wasa Saa in the Wassa Amenfi East Municipal District of the Western Region, Nana Yaa Bukuraa I, is worried because the future generation of Wasa Saa may not have arable lands for agriculture and other projects as a result of illegal mining.

Vast portions of the community are taken by illegal miners who destroy the environment without reclamation.

Nana Yaa Bukuraa I said that illegal mining had become prevalent in Wasa Saa because most youths were unemployed.

Even though there are other mining companies present in the area, she noted that their operations have not benefited the community over the years.

She believes the sector requires immediate reformation to address the challenges, enhance economic activities, and provide a boost that will bring development to her people.

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“We are currently here and are doing our part, but the future generation may not have arable lands for agriculture and any other good development if everyone continues to engage in the illegal mining of gold in the town,” she lamented in an interview with The Ghana Report.

Consequently, she wants the government to intervene and ensure responsible mining that will be beneficial to all.

Illegal mining (galamsey) remains a very hot test case for Ghana’s commitment to protection against the pillage of the environment.

While galamsey promises economic gains to individuals and communities, its consequences have been severe, wreaking havoc on the environment, undermining livelihoods, and posing a threat to sustainable development.

The unregulated use of mercury and cyanide in the mining process contaminates water bodies and soil, leading to widespread pollution.

River bodies and streams are rendered unfit for drinking, and a typical example is the River Ankobrah and River Pra, as well as agriculture and fishing, adversely affecting the health and livelihoods of communities residing nearby.

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