I’m sorry I can’t take this advice – Kuami Eugene on Samini’s international appeal advice

Ghanaian Highlife sensation, Kuami Eugene, has responded to comments made by Reggae/Dancehall star, Samini, who suggested that Kuami Eugene has a low international appeal as he “sounds local”.Recall that on the Day Show with Berla Mundi on TV3, Samini revealed that he liked Kidi over Kuami Eugene because Kidi had a better international appeal.

“Choosing between Kidi and Kuami Eugene. I think I will go for Kidi. They are all good and we love them all. But in terms of global or international stages, I will choose Kidi over Miami Eugene. Kidi has that kind of foreign vibe when compared to Kuami Eugene. Kuami Eugene mostly sounds local and he has a local fan base,” Samini narrated on TV3.

However, Kuami Eugene disagrees with that opinion. Appearing on a later episode of the Day Show, Kuami Eugene, when asked if he would take any advice from the Samini’s comments and rebrand his craft to appeal to more international audiences, said he would do no such thing.

According to him, trying to sound more international would mean letting go of his authentic Highlife sound.

He added that he respects Samini’s opinion but pointed out that songs with his authentic brand have sold out to international audiences, thus, he would resist any advice.

“ I had a little problem with that, but yeah, it’s Samini. So I just have to let it go because I don’t think I can take any advice from that. If I take advice from that, that means I have to let go of high-life music which is solely 80% Twi. I have to let go of what’s authentically ours and go and chase what he’s talking about. But this same Angela, Wish me well, Confusion is what I’m doing these 2000 white people capacities with.

“So I don’t understand what he’s saying but he’s a legend. But I mean, I’m sorry I can’t take any advice from that. Big love for Samini but I can’t agree with that,” he said.

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