Is Gloria Sarfo ridiculing herself?

Publicity stunt is used by politicians, businesses, athletes, and the entertainment industry all over the world.

It is organised to gain people’s attention to an upcoming event, movie, or show. But artistes also use it to court controversy and milk the media blitz that accompanies it.

In 2016, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) created an advert that could be seen from space.

Even though most people could not see the ad, they believed it and it became the talk of the town also because it was put on the map by Google Maps and its corresponding Google Sightseeing Blog.

KFC knew the possibility of suffering from consumer fatigue, so they used that creative stunt to show their fried chicken tops it all, wherever you are in the world.

In 2017, Shatta Wale had a bicker with Wizkid over who is the biggest artiste in Africa.

Shatta Wale’s attack was at a time Wizkid was on a tour, signing gigs with international artistes.

He did that to draw attention to himself and his brand. Every Nigerian wanted to know who was insulting their superstar.

That episode helped his ratings in 2017.

Fella Makafui and Medikal also pulled a few stunts on their fans. From rumors of their breakup to stories of Fella cheating on him with Nigerian musician, Runtown.

These stunts helped their brand, they were in the trends and on every entertainment blog.

But do you remember the backlash Fella Makafui received for the stunt she pulled on her wedding day?

She was called all sorts of names, including being childish and immature. That should give you a clue of how sensitive certain matters are to us as a society.

I love actress Gloria Osei Sarfo, not just for her acting skills, but her ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.

She is one of few actresses you don’t hear negative news about, no controversy.

She’s done well for herself, won awards and numerous nominations

But for years, her marital status has been a topical issue on the blogs.

Especially after her failed marriage proposal at the 2013 Kumahood Movie Awards.

A few years later, she lost a pregnancy. Then much later or around that same time, she lost her fiancé to another woman and later death.

That episode of her life increased my love for her, I couldn’t feel her pain because I have not had half of that experience, but I could imagine how painful it would be.

Gloria in an interview with Berla Mundi on the ‘Late Afternoon Show’ said it was possible the cause of her singleness might be spiritual.

She admitted that people pass “derogatory” comments about her, especially because her mother is a pastor.

“Why can she pray for other people’s children to get married, but hers remain single,” had sometimes been the questions section of society asks her mother.

I felt that because I know how women at a certain age are pressured to get married.

I do not believe in divorce, I’m the type that supports waiting for the right man (even though waiting long does not guarantee that you’ll marry right. It takes grace)

When I saw Gloria’s post on Instagram about her “supposed” marriage to Master Richard, I was happy.

I wasn’t happy because she was settling down, but because she waited for her heart desire (at least according to her post and his).

Only to wake up to hear it was a publicity stunt.

All for a movie?

What the heck?

Seriously, some jokes are expensive.

Why would she play with such a sensitive matter? Especially when her last fiancé turned out to be another woman’s husband and Master Richard too, a married man.

Well, some of us wished she found true love (everyone deserves true love), but as it stands now, it’s clear I wasted my emotions.

Dear Gloria, please be measured by what you put out, you really hurt some of us.

Wait, before you even ask, the same way you felt Fella Makafui’s stunt on her wedding day was childish, I feel the same with this……they could have done this in a different way.





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  1. Anonymous says

    Ah but how sensitive is this issue. It’s her life. Isn’t it? Why have you taken it personal?

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