Islamic school head suspended for beating alcohol-drinking students

The government of Nigeria’s North-focal Kwara state says it has suspended the head of an Islamic school after a video arose showing a gathering of students clearly being beaten for supposed unfortunate behavior.

The students, including a few guys and a female, were blamed for drinking liquor at a birthday celebration of one of their associates. The students said they were just having yogurt.

They were seriously beaten by different students under the guidance of their teacher.

One of the recordings coursing via web-based media showed a female student on her knees being beaten with sticks by a few male students while different whilst watched.

The student’s dad told the media that he supported the discipline given to his little girl.

Yet, the occurrence has caused public outrage.

Training authorities say the matter is being researched and the affected have been taken to a clinic for an appropriate clinical assessment and treatment.

The Head of the Islamic has been suspended pending the outcome of clinical examination.

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