It is a good thing, we need cleansing – Okyeame Kwame reacts to probe into celebrity wealth

Ghanaian music icon Okyeame Kwame has welcomed the recent announcement by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) to conduct lifestyle audits on celebrities and individuals suspected of possessing unexplained wealth.

In an interview on Tv3 Newday, the artist expressed his support for the initiative, stating, ”

“I think that I think it’s a good thing because just as I said, the last time we had a conversation in December above all things, Ghana needs cleansing.

We need to cleanse ourselves off. We need to cleanse ourselvesa and the way that we have become corrupt, you know. So if EOCO plans to do some cleansing, I think they should have started yesterday. They should have started a long time ago.And I like it.” I like it that they do cleansing.

The Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) in Ghana has unveiled plans to conduct lifestyle audits targeting celebrities and individuals suspected of possessing unexplained wealth

The initiative by EOCO is seen as a groundbreaking step towards ensuring that individuals’ wealth aligns with their declared sources of income. The focus on lifestyle audits aims to instill a culture of financial accountability and responsibility within the country.

Head of Administration and Investigations at EOCO, Edward Cudjoe, shared insights into the plan, stating that processes were underway to initiate lifestyle audits for individuals with unexplained wealth. He emphasized the organization’s commitment to proposing amendments to current laws, ensuring alignment with international standards. This shift intends to require individuals to substantiate any gaps in their financial profile with legitimate earnings.

Cudjoe explained, “We are leading the charge by ourselves, making certain proposals for the amendment of the law to align with international standards. This ensures that any disparities in your financial profile are substantiated by your earnings. Any discrepancies must be clarified to law enforcement, and the burden of proof rests on the individual to explain the origin of those resources.”

The decision by EOCO to launch lifestyle audits, specifically targeting celebrities and those with suspected unexplained wealth, marks a significant stride toward promoting financial transparency and accountability. By addressing potential financial irregularities, the initiative aims to foster a culture of responsible financial behavior not only among high-profile figures but also within the broader population.

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