Jordan Ayew recounts lockdown experience with his brothers

Jordan Ayew has recounted how he bonded with his brothers, Andre and Ibrahim, during the lockdown period in the UK, after sporting activities, including football, were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jordan hosted his brothers for two months at his home in London.

The trio are the sons of Abedi Ayew Pele — Ghana’s football maestro and three-time African Player of the Year.

During the lockdown, they trained together, participated in the #StayAtHomeChallenege and played some interesting games like monopoly.

Ayew brothers

Jordan, who is Crystal Palace’s top scorer this season with eight goals, in an interview with Palace TV, shared the amazing experience he had with his brothers during the lockdown:

“My brother (Andre, the Swansea City forward) came back from Swansea with his family. I had my older brother (Ibrahim) who came as well. So maybe eight or nine of us in the house.

Ibrahim plays professional football in Gibraltar… he said even before the Bournemouth game he wanted to come and spend a weekend and come to watch the game … When they cancelled our game (v Bournemouth), his game was cancelled a few minutes later.

He called me and said: ‘Listen, I’m taking the next flight, I’m coming for a couple of days in London.’ I said: ‘Okay, that’s fine.’ Andre had his game cancelled as well and he said: ‘I’m bringing the family over, coming for a couple of days.”

“Because we really didn’t know what was coming after the Bournemouth game so he (Andre) brought his stuff for three-fives days and ended up staying for two months! We’re really lucky it happened. It wasn’t really a plan, we just wanted to spend a couple of hours with each other but ended up spending two months together. We were training all together outside.

I bought this Teqball, so we were playing Teqball, training, doing runs on the roads. We’d play two v one because my other brother [Ibrahim] is a defender. So he’d defend and my brother and I were attacking. To be honest, it is sad but, for me, I’ve never really spent time with my family that much – two months. Every time I see my family is a week or three-four days.

It was good, really having time to spend with my nieces, it was a really good feeling – playing Monopoly, playing some games at home and spending time with the kids as well. It was really important, I’m not used to spending that much time with the kids; I’m not always at home.”


Source: kuulpeeps.com

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